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4/15/14 - Statewide and national press are looking for MCs who will speak out "on the record" (means they want to name you) about the MC Salary Injustice and our quest for parity.  If you are willing to talk to the press about how this salary injustice has harmed you, your family, your pension etc., please email OMCE with your desired contact (non-work of course) information and we will share it with the press who have contacted us. They are not interested in anonymous sources. They are looking at this issue as both a public policy and a human interest story on how a "progressive" incumbent Governor treats his managers and confidential employees.

For Immediate Release

April 8, 2014


The Organization of New York State Management / Confidential (M/C) Employees (OMCE) joined today’s nationwide call for a change in policies affecting women’s economic success and equity as part of Equal Pay Day.

Equal Pay Day is recognized nationally to seek an end to workplace wage disparity among women and men.

OMCE called on Governor Cuomo and members of the Legislature to make equal pay for equal work a reality in New York, starting with restoring the M/C salary structure that has been frozen since 2008 and ensuring all state M/C employees are paid the two-percent salary increase that became effective on April 1, 2014.

“How can it be on Equal Pay Day, thousands of women working in the Cuomo Administration and throughout state government are economically disadvantaged while their counterparts sitting at the next desk, and holding the same grade and title are receiving larger paychecks?” said Barbara Zaron, OMCE president. “This isn’t an episode of Mad Men – this is 2014. If you aren’t outraged by this disparity, you should be!”

Approximately 70 percent of those serving in a position designated M/C in Grades 18 and below are women and other minority groups. . . . more



Since Day One of 2014-15 Budget - No Action on M/C Pay Parity


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4/4/14 - Keep the pressure on - we have new letters for you to send:


TELL the GOVERNOR          Click Here ►► “FIX OUR PAY!”

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Reminder: DO NOT use your NYS work email to send any electronic correspondence.


4/3/14 - Budget Update:

On Wednesday evening (April 2), Secretary to the Governor Larry Schwartz appeared on Time Warner Cable News’ Capital Tonight TV program. Asked by host Liz Benjamin about issues that were not addressed in the budget, specifically the M/C Pay Raise issue, Mr. Schwartz said:

“On the M/C raises, it’s a ministerial initiative which will be done administratively. We’re working to implement it and can make it retroactive to April 1.”

Copyright protected - available to Time Warner television subscribers - go to 4:51 sec of video clip.

That same day (April 2), we wrote Governor Cuomo, urging him to make resolution of these issues a top priority and to direct his staff to meet with us.

On April 1, we called Mr. Schwartz’s office and Fran Reiter, Executive Deputy Director of State Operations, to continue discussions on resolving the outstanding M/C salary issues. Governor's Office staff advised us that they are working on the issues. We plan to talk more next week.

4/1/14 - Budget Update:

WE ARE READY . . . WE HAVE BEEN READY! At the Budget signing today, the Governor was asked why there was no salary fix for M/Cs in the budget. The Governor deferred to Larry Schwartz, Secretary to the Governor, who stated for the record that this issue will be discussed, now that the budget is passed.

The approved budget does not include the M/C Salary Commission or any alternate proposal to address the withheld M/C salary increases, but it does include funds for payment of the April 2014 M/C 2% general salary increase, performance advances and longevities. The Division of the Budget first needs to issue a budget bulletin authorizing payment.

We have talked to Budget staff, most recently on March 31, about payment of the April 2014 2% general increase, performance advances and longevities, as well as payment of the withheld M/C salary increases.

The “4 men in the room,” who made the agreements and final decisions on what was included in the budget, and their contact information, are:

Governor Andrew Cuomo (518.474.8390 ~ 212.681.4580)

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (518.455.3791 ~ 212.312.1420)

Senate Co-Leader Dean Skelos (518.455.3171 ~ 516.766.8383)

Senate Co-Leader Jeffrey Klein (518.455.3595 ~ 718.822.2049)

We began discussions, also on March 31, with legislators on “next steps” and expect to meet shortly with Senator DeFrancisco and Capital District legislators Fahy, McDonald, Steck and Santabarbara, all of whom remain steadfast in their support for us. The Assembly Government Employees Committee is scheduling action at its April meeting on our M/C salary (A.8813) and proposed pension service credit bills.

We will continue to work with legislators and legislative leaders to get some resolution of this issue, regardless of Executive Action. We are also exploring with our attorneys potential litigation options, based on claims that may now be available.

The Senate is adjourned until April 23; the Assembly will be in session through April 9. You can find your legislative contact information at the Senate and Assembly website by clicking on the links below:

Senate ( and go to Find My Senator on the left side of the page.)

Assembly ( and scroll down to Who is My Assemblymember? in the center of the page.)

3/30/14 - Budget Update:

The budget does not include the M/C salary Commission bill or an alternative proposal to fix the M/C salary issue. WE ARE NOT GIVING UP THE FIGHT FOR EQUITY AND PAY PARITY.

On Saturday, we had initial discussions with our attorneys and AFL-CIO leadership. We will begin more intensive discussions with them on Monday regarding our strategy going forward - we will be examining ALL options. We will also contact the legislative leaders to identify why the budget doesn't include any resolution of the M/C salary issue and what they are prepared to do that will result in a successful outcome.

Also, we will be contacting the Division of the Budget and the Governor's Office about this and a date for release of a budget bulletin and payment of the 2% April 2014 salary increase.

THIS IS NOT A FIGHT WE ASKED FOR, BUT ONE WE WILL CONTINUE TO WAGE. We need all M/Cs to continue to be engaged. Updates will be posted as our discussions continue.

3/14/14 - OMCE M/C Salary Commission Proposal Advances:


Our efforts to hold the Governor to his word that the M/C salary issue should be fixed within the “context of the State budget” have taken a major step forward with the Senate’s inclusion of the language of our M/C Salary Commission bill in its amendments to the Executive budget. This is the beginning of negotiations toward adopting the final State budget. The Assembly has pledged its support toward resolving the M/C salary issue. Just like last year, the Senate took the lead and, we expect, the Assembly will continue to work with the Senate to resolve the issue within the “context of the State budget.”

2/26/14 - "Second-class Employees," Editorial, Albany Times Union:

Excerpts: "Creating a pay commission for the state’s management confidential employees is a matter of simple fairness. For nearly five years, the state’s non-unionized management-confidential employees have been caught in financial limbo - their pay frozen even as co-workers received raises, with no clear end in sight. These aren’t politicians (or) . . . political appointees . . . nor are they unionized workers. They are career civil servants, often the most trusted and valued people in an office, who have been relegated by the long freeze into second-class workers. If there’s a segment of the state workforce that has good cause to feel demoralized, they are it . . . ."


For Immediate Release

March 19, 2014


Members of the State Assembly’s Capital Region delegation are lending their voices of support for the restoration of wages withheld administratively since 2009, and to bring equity to the salary structure to a statewide group of approximately 8,900 Management/Confidential employees. The Capital Region is home to approximately 4,100 M/C employees.

Assemblywoman Patricia Fahy, Assemblyman John McDonald, Assemblyman Phil Steck and Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara are calling on their legislative colleagues and Governor Cuomo to ensure that the M/C salaries promised by statute be included in the enacted 2014/15 budget.

Barbara Zaron, President of the Organization of New York State Management / Confidential Employees (OMCE) said, “Last Thursday, the Senate took an important stand on behalf of M/C employees . . . more

For Immediate Release   

March 10, 2014

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The Organization of New York State Management / Confidential (M/C) Employees (OMCE) today called on members of the Legislature to include the restoration of wages statutorily approved but administratively withheld since 2009, and to bring equity to the M/C salary structure as both houses prepare their budget priorities for the 2014-15 fiscal year.

“Before members of the Legislature sit down to negotiate this year’s budget details, they must remember that state Management /Confidential employees and their families are counting on them to stand up and restore lost wages and fix the M/C salary structure,” said Barbara Zaron, OMCE president . . . more

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OMCE testifies at Legislative Hearing - seeks equity and fairness for M/Cs!

 • Read Here  For immediate Release

 • View Video Presentation of Oral Testimony (runtime: 12:30 min.)

 • Read Here  ► Written Testimony (submitted following oral presentation)


2013 Performance Advances and Longevities to be paid!


The overdue 2013 M/C Performance Advances and Longevity Payments have been announced (Budget Bulletin D-1128) and are scheduled for payment, as follows:

• Institution Payroll employees will receive payment on March 20, 2014

• Administration Payroll employees will receive payment on March 26, 2014

OMCE M/C Pay Parity Bill introduced in the Senate and Assembly!

Senator John DeFrancisco, Senate Finance Committee Chair, and Assembly Ways and Means Committee Chair Herman Farrell have introduced OMCE legislation (S.6571/A.8813) to restore, effective April 1, 2014, the across-the-board M/C salary increases that were withheld administratively in 2009 and 2010. The legislation will amend the April 2014 M/C salary schedule to reflect compounded crediting of the 3% and 4% raises that were withheld in 2009 and 2010 respectively, as well as the 2% increase currently scheduled for 2014.

The legislation is being proposed as a legislative addition to the pending 2014-15 State Budget.

For Immediate Release   

February 26, 2014

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State Salary Withholdings from M/C Administrative Professionals, Secretaries and Clerks Total More Than $20,000 Each! The Organization of New York State Management/Confidential (M/C) Employees (OMCE) today continued its advocacy efforts on behalf of career public servants such as administrative professionals, secretaries and clerks by calling on members of the Legislature and the Governor to make pay equity a reality in the 2014-15 state budget by restoring the M/C salary structure. "Hearing elected officials proclaim 'Equal pay for equal work' is hollow political rhetoric when the person at the next desk, with the same title, has been receiving raises," said Barbara Zaron, President of the Organization of New York State Management Confidential Employees. Since 2008, OMCE administrative professionals, predominantly women, have had more than $20,000 individually withheld from their salaries. Cumulatively, almost $500 million has been withheld . . . more ►►►

For Immediate Release   

January 22, 2014






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The Organization of New York State Management/Confidential (M/C) Employees (OMCE) today released the second in a series of communications reminding Governor Cuomo of the commitment he made last year to include a long-delayed compensation adjustment for M/C employees in the 2014-15 Executive budget. This year, tens of thousands of state employees will receive a modest raise under current agreements and pay bills with the Cuomo administration. However, salaries for the state's management confidential (M/C) employees--a group representing less than six percent of the state workforce . . . more ►►►

For Immediate Release   

January 13, 2014

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The Organization of New York State Management/Confidential (M/C) Employees (OMCE) today released the first in a series of communications urging Governor Cuomo to honor the commitment made last year to include a long-delayed compensation adjustment for M/C employees in the soon to be released Executive Budget proposal. Last year, the State Legislature voted overwhelmingly to create a commission to develop a salary schedule for M/C employees that ensures fairness and equity . . . more ►►►

OMCE at work for fairness and equity for M/C’s! We have begun meeting with the legislative leadership to get the M/C pay issue fixed. OMCE President Barbara Zaron, Executive Director Joe Sano and OMCE Counsel John Black are shown meeting with (left to right) Senate Finance Committee Chairman John DeFrancisco, Chairman of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee Herman Farrell, and Senator Diane Savino of the Senate Independent Democratic Conference.

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